Virtual reality technology is increasingly recognized. It is to generate a three-dimensional virtual world through computer simulation, providing users with visual and other sensory functions of the simulation, and feeling of immersive.

In architectural design field, combining with virtual reality, using the immersive, interactive, and imaginative advantages of virtual reality, construct an interactive virtual simulation environment, which can observe and understand the design plan from multiple perspectives and feel the real experience Changes in its spatial relationship, landscape, light and shadow, and even sound effects, and then make detailed adjust ments to the plan to ensure its safety performance and maximize benefits.

As an advanced marketing method, by combining VR technology with real  

estate services, users can directly see 3D floor plans, sand table renderings, etc., which solves the problem of long-distance house viewings for users. You can see a more real experience without leaving your house, saving a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is a new technology that uses computer systems to generate three-dimensional information to enhance users' perception of the real world. Traditional VR technology gives users the effect of being completely immersed in the virtual world, which is to create another world; while AR technology brings the computer into the user’s real world by listening, watching, touching, and smelling the virtual information. Enhancing the perception of the real world has realized the transition from "people adapting to machines" to technology "people-oriented".

In real estate field, you just need to install the development system on iPad or smartphone, open the software, and the system will automatically call the camera. And then point the camera at the floor plan of the property, and a 3D house model will appear on the screen, which highly restores the real scene of the property.

You can also zoom in and out of the 3D model, 360 degrees of rotation to view the details of the house. Besides, you can enter the interior of the building, check the decoration design of each room, furniture layout, truly immersive view your future home.